Building Control For Tomorrow


In buildings, it’s all about control. One way to access, control and manage all systems in your building. Regardless of what brand, where you are or what time of the day. From any Web browser, tablet or smartphone. It’s possible with Webeasy! With Webeasy you control your climate control, room control, shower automation and security. We can control all technology in a building. With own products, third party products or a combination thereof.

Webeasy develops software and hardware for controlling and monitoring of all technical building installations. Additionally Webeasy realizes projects in building automation for climate control, room control, shower automation and security. We do this with one hardware line, one control platform and one visualization for all your building management applications. Furthermore, we are constantly working on new software and hardware based on developments and trends in the market. And we develop software for specific applications for end users, product suppliers (OEM) or distributors in the Benelux and abroad.


Webeasy is the world’s first company who designs and offer products and applications which are a hundred percent open and independent in building automation. Thanks to a completely web-based solution that supports all standards within the control industry. The core of our solution is software for building automation so that you are not tied to one party required hardware, factory-based protocols or one party supplier. In other words, the state of the art technology combined with the open and independence of Webeasy provides security for the future.

The Niagara Framework is a revolutionary development that the first is in the industry what offers a solution for integrating smart devices, automation systems and enterprise applications. Webeasy is developed based on the revolutionary Niagara Framework. Compare it with Microsoft Windows. Windows software enable developers to develop (administrative) applications (word processors, spreadsheets, etc.), says the Niagara Framework enable us to develop technical applications. Tridium, the supplier of the revolutionary Niagara Framework, is the global leader. Webeasy is distributor in the Benelux of the Niagara Framework from Tridium.


Webeasy software is designed for the installer, dealer and end user. The installer change settings, configurations, or control strategies of the installations easily by a Web browser. The dealer takes advantage of fast, reliable and efficient programming and a complete product for building automation. For the end user, operating the software is extremely simple and intuitive.

You can adjust settings or control strategies instantly in a standard Web browser. Through internet you can connect with a Webeasy building management system in your building at any time from any place. This makes remote management simple, quick and inexpensive. Operate and manage even from a standard tablet, smartphone or computer.


Buildings must meet increasing demands. In terms of flexibility and security, but also from a social perspective are increasingly stringent standards like CO2 reduction and the pursuit of zero energy buildings. Within ten years, zero energy homes are standard in new building and commercial buildings follows. That requires a lot of the installation sector. Measurement and control technology, combined with ICT, play an increasingly important role.

The installation sector talks for years about integrating all building installations. In the field of installation of electrical, mechanical, security and ICT the first steps have been made. For measurement and control integration only takes place in large projects, such as hospitals. And that is almost always customized, which makes maintenance of a building management system unnecessarily expensive. Until recently the investment for integration of the controls did not outweigh the benefits for medium and small projects. This is changed by Webeasy.

Webeasy makes all installations in buildings transparent. With one hardware line, one control platform and one visualization for all your building management applications. The exchange of information between different systems is thus greatly simplified. And the functionality of the installations increases by operating via webpages. You save energy and facilitate the operations. The All-in-one formula is perfect for any project, regardless of size.